A 7 min video tutorial for whale-assisted encryption   1 min trailer above ⬆

A collaboration with Nina Sarnelle

Let us know if yr free (2017) demonstrates how to encrypt text messages into whale song as an alternative to surveilled oceanic fiberoptic cables. The project playfully explores issues of privacy in global electronic communication by creating a labor-intensive workaround, that, if applied, might disturb an ecosystem already in sonic duress.

Camera: Don Edler, Nina Sarnelle
Drone: Zean Moore

Thanks to Joty Dhaliwal, Jacob Winkler,

Benjamin Lotan, Tara Shi & This Will Take Time

Installation :
Nor Heat Nor Gloom Of Night

curated by Johanna Braun & Lisa Stuckey
at Tiger Strikes Asteriod, LA 2018

images (c)

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